Bongs As Art

If your bong is for use or for decoration the artistic potential is limited only by your budget and the time the artisan has available. Your bong need not strictly look like a pipe or bong either. If there is another hobby you are rather fond of you can get your bong to match the other hobby as well. If you collect glass bottles you can have one of them converted into a bong, or just have a bong made to look like one. Doing this does not have to mean it’s no longer a bottle either. You can still use your bottle to drink from and have the bong as part of it without the two parts interacting or conflict. Smoke from the handle, yet still drink from the mouth of the bottle. A ring you can wear, a model of your beloved pet, the face of a loved one or your favorite food.

The art can extend well beyond just what your item of choice looks like. You can extend the artistic value to what it’s made of or what it does. You may choose to have your item made from glass that came from a specific item of value. Perhaps something sentimental or something historical. The windshield of your first car? Or perhaps you are a fan of science and want a real piece of volcanic glass still? But wait, options go well past that still. We encounter glass on a daily basis but we don’t encounter colored glass much. If you wish for a more abstract art style you can choose your piece based on how light passes through it. A pattern it may make on the wall, the way it responds to the rising or setting sun. Adding water or a liquid of your choice can change it’s behavior with the light yet again.When you are choosing or considering your pipe, bong, or another piece of art remember that glass is arguably the most versatile materials to work with. You can change it’s, shape, it’s color, it’s behavior as well as the way it interacts with not only light but fluids as well.

When you consider your pipe you have a lot more options than just the flavor of what you may smoke in it. I can think of no other single thing that presents more options both in function and appearance. Well, maybe Android Apps.